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6 Ways We Use a Drone in Construction Projects



Documenting construction progress and quantities of completed or installed items such as grading/excavation, trenching, concrete, walls, asphalt etc. Can be time consuming and often an approximation that can result in over or under billing.


Using Ortho/3D mapping & photos along with other services offered by Hawkeye Imaging our clients can make sure their progress is efficiently and precisely documented. This is an effective tool for mitigating construction and schedule claims through measurable progress documentation and for resolving any quantity and billing discrepancies.   



6 Ways We Use a Drone in Construction Projects


1. Visual Surveying

Our Drones can be used to quickly visually survey your job site and build maps. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive tools, that produce complex data, you can get the job done in half the time & money, with good accuracy.


2.Showing Clients the Progress

When clients stay away from the job site and cannot afford to come to the site again & again & your current pictures are just not doing justice, drones can be an inventive way to keep them happy. By showing them maps, pics from different and up close angles, video or a combination of these, our drones will put their minds at ease.



3.Monitoring Job Sites

When you have to frequently shuttle between multiple job sites, or have taken up simultaneous developments/projects, renovations for multiple properties; putting up a drone to monitor the progress, work, safety standards and much more can save you a lot of energy, time & money.


4.Inspecting Structures

Instead of employing heavy software, lots of people and relying on complex readings, we can employ a drone to get a first hand view of how solid your structures are, how aesthetically pleasing they are coming up, and where they are moving out of the plan, all in a jiffy.


5.Better Safety Records

With our eyes & ears in the sky, all the time, you will be in a much better position to locate that unstable pillar, precariously balanced laborer and not deep enough excavations. If, you keep up the drone survey, gradually you will build an excellent safety system and your reputation.



6.Keeping the Project On-track, On-Budget

By identifying the parts of the project that are going off-track, having the ability to prevent any causalities, rigorously monitoring your job sites; you will be much better prepared to remove any additions to project time and cost.


Construction sites commonly use 3D models to evaluate the topography of a site, identify earthmoving needs, and to monitor progress of projects against project schedules.



These flights are generally on time intervals specific to the job site’s needs (usually weekly or every 2 weeks from site clearing until completion).





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